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Título Investigating Waves
Descrición This lesson uses PocketLab Notebook software to deliver lessons to students with the simulation embedded. Students will investigate the suitability of equipment to measure the speed, frequency and wavelength of a wave in a solid and a fluid
Tema Física
Nivel Bacharelato
Tipo Guided Activity, Laboratorio, Remote Learning
Duración 60 minutos
Respostas incluidas Non
Linguaxe English
Palabras clave core practical, frequency, gcse, notebook, pocketlab, speed, wavelength, waves
Simulacións Onda nunha corda (HTML5), Onda nunha corda, Waves Intro (HTML5)

Autores PocketLab
Centro Escolar / Institución PocketLab
Presentado 4/14/22
Actualizado 4/14/22