Video: Self-paced learning on Newton's First Law

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Título Video: Self-paced learning on Newton's First Law
Descrición This is suitable to introduce the Newton's first law. Pass the worksheet (pdf) to the students and ask them to follow the instruction. No extra instruction is needed. After they completed, they can simply visit the video below for checking the answer and further explanations.
Tema Física
Nivel 11, Bacharelato, Secundaria obrigatoria
Tipo Deberes, Guided Activity, Laboratorio, Remote Learning
Duración 30 minutos
Respostas incluidas Si
Linguaxe English
Palabras clave balanced, external, first, internal, law, net force, newton, self-directed. self-paced, unbalanced, video, walkthrough, youtube
Simulacións Forzase movemento: Inicial (HTML5)

Autores Louis Wong
Centro Escolar / Institución Po Leung Kuk Choi Kai Yau School
Presentado 10/7/20
Actualizado 10/7/20