Adding Vectors Visually and Mathematically - Intro

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Título Adding Vectors Visually and Mathematically - Intro
Descrición Using only right-angle vectors, students learn how to represent vectors and vector sums graphically and mathematically. This is not a very open inquiry lab; it's designed more to help students make the connections between the pictures and the numbers. A follow-up activity could be more open and start including sums of vectors that aren't at right angles to each other.
Tema Física, Matemáticas
Nivel Bacharelato, Universitario - Inicio
Tipo Guided Activity, Laboratorio, Remote Learning
Duración 60 minutos
Respostas incluidas Non
Linguaxe English
Palabras clave components, projectiles, resultant, vectors
Simulacións Vector Addition (HTML5)

Autores Jeremy smith
Email de Contacto
Centro Escolar / Institución Hereford High School
Presentado 8/5/20
Actualizado 10/2/20