Skate Park Phet- Science 8 and ACC Science 8

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Título Skate Park Phet- Science 8 and ACC Science 8
Descrición Worksheet is designed as an introduction to kinetic and potential energy (aligned with NGSS standard MS-PS3-1 and MS-PS3-2). Students will use the bar graph feature to learn about the relationship between kinetic and potential energy. They will also discover the relationship between speed and kinetic and potential energy. Accelerated students will build different stake park tracks set to certain parameters to enforce learning and add an extra challenge.
Tema Física
Nivel Secundaria obrigatoria
Tipo Guided Activity
Duración 60 minutos
Respostas incluidas Non
Linguaxe English
Palabras clave Kinetic and Potential Energy Intro
Simulacións Enerxía Parque Patinaxe, Enerxía Parque Patinaxe: inicio (HTML5), Enerxía Parque Patinaxe: inicio

Autores Erin Curtis
Centro Escolar / Institución Woodbury Middle School
Presentado 10/16/19
Actualizado 10/16/19