Projectile Motion Worksheet

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Titre Projectile Motion Worksheet
Description The following worksheet contains two parts as an experiment, the first part is about finding the best angle to get the greatest range and each angle with it's corresponding range with a fixed speed. The second part is when the effect of air resistance takes part. While it represents the relationship between the range and both of mass and diameter
Sujet Physique
Niveau Lycée, Premier cycle - Intro
Type Labo
Durée 30 minutes
Réponses incluses Non
Langue Anglais
Mots clés Projectile Motion, air resistance
Simulation(s) Mouvement d'un projectile (HTML5)

Auteur(s) Mustafa Alaraj
Ecole / Organisation University of Sharjah
Date de soumission 08/10/20
Date de mise à jour 09/10/20