Simple Harmonic Motion Virtual Modeling Lab PhET

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Titre Simple Harmonic Motion Virtual Modeling Lab PhET
Description Students collect data for oscillating springs and pendula, create graphs, then linearize the graphs to confirm the mathematical models. This could be adapted to be a pure modeling lab, where the equation is not known at the start. This was done during remote learning so a classroom discussion where we would have derived the equation together was impossible.
Sujet Physique
Niveau Lycée
Type Apprentissage à distance, Labo
Durée 60 minutes
Réponses incluses Non
Langue Anglais
Mots clés linearize, modeling, pendulum, springs
Simulation(s) Masses et Ressorts (HTML5), Labo du pendule (HTML5)

Auteur(s) Julie Farhm
Ecole / Organisation Monadnock Regional High School
Date de soumission 17/04/20
Date de mise à jour 17/04/20