Kondensaattorilaboratorio: Perusteet - Parallel Plate Capacitor | Kapasitanssi | RC-piiri - PhET Interactive Simulations

Kondensaattorilaboratorio: Perusteet

Kondensaattorilaboratorio: Perusteet simulation


  • Parallel Plate Capacitor
  • Kapasitanssi
  • RC-piiri
  • Virtapiirit

Sample Learning Goals

  • Explain the relationships between voltage, charge, stored energy, and capacitance
  • Predict how capacitance changes when the plate area or plate separation changes
  • Describe how charge drains away from a capacitor into a light bulb

System Requirements


HTML5 simulations can run on iPads, Chromebooks, PC, Mac, and Linux systems.
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Version 1.6.20