How Can You Light A Bulb? A gold star indicates high-quality, inquiry-based activities that follow the PhET design guidelines.

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Otsikko How Can You Light A Bulb?
Kuvaus This guided activity is designed for elementary students (targeted at grades 3 - 5) as they explore circuits. Students build different circuits, draw and write about what they find, and share answers. Students explore conducting and non-conducting materials and determine property(ies) of conducting materials. The activity is written as a 5E lesson.
Aihe Fysiikka
Taso K-5, Yläkoulu
Tyyppi Guided Activity, Laboratoriokoe
Kesto 60 minuuttia
Vastaukset mukana Kyllä
Kieli Englanti
Avainsanat circuits, electricity, elementary (K-5)
Simulaatiot Piirirakennussarja (vain DC) (HTML5), Piirirakennussarja (vain DC)

Tekijät Julie Henderleiter
Koulu / organisaatio Grand Valley State University
Lähetetty 24.6.2015
Päivitetty 30.10.2017