Balancing Chemical Equations - Guided Inquiry Activity A gold star indicates high-quality, inquiry-based activities that follow the PhET design guidelines.

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Otsikko Balancing Chemical Equations - Guided Inquiry Activity
Kuvaus The learning goals of this guided-inquiry activity are as follows: Students will be able to: (1) Determine required conditions for a reaction to be considered “balanced” and relate these conditions to laws of matter, and (2) Develop strategies to balance chemical equations.
Aihe Kemia
Taso Yliopisto - aloittelija
Tyyppi Guided Activity, Kotitehtävä, Remote Learning
Kesto 60 minuuttia
Vastaukset mukana Ei
Kieli Englanti
Avainsanat balancing, chemical equations, conservation of mass
Simulaatiot Reaktioyhtälöiden tasapainottaminen (HTML5), Reaktioyhtälöiden tasapainottaminen

Tekijät Timothy Herzog, Yuen-ying Carpenter
Koulu / organisaatio PhET
Lähetetty 5.11.2014
Päivitetty 17.3.2022