Combined Series and Parallel Circuits

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عنوان Combined Series and Parallel Circuits
شرح This inquiry lab is to be completed after initial series and parallel circuits concepts are first taught. Combining series and parallel concepts into one circuit is the next step. Ideally the students would attempt to solve the circuits first before constructing them virtually. However, the simulator will provide a visual aid for the students to better understand how and why the current ends up splitting at each junction.
موضوع فیزیک
سطح دبیرستان، پیش دانشگاهی 1
نوع آزمایشگاه
مدت دقیقه ها 60
پاسخ ها شامل آری
زبان انگلیسی
کلید واژه series parallel circuits electricity
شبیه سازی ها (DC) کیت ساخت مدار، (DC) آزمایشگاه مجازی ساخت مدار

نویسنده Jeffrey Hsi
مدرسه / سازمان Valley Stream South H.S.
ارسال شده 4/4/14
بروزرسانی شده 4/4/14