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Izenburua Build an Atom: Introduction
Deskribapena This activity was updated in 2020 to include a Remote Lab and uses for the game. The pre-and post- test provided were used as part of a research project and are not essential. On the slides, there is an activity using toothpicks and mallows that could be used as a hook. This lesson is for students who may not have had much introduction to atomic particles, but know that matter is made of atoms, molecules and ions. Learning Objectives-Students will be able to: 1.Make atom models that show stable atoms or ions. 2.Use information about the number protons, neutrons, and electrons to •Identify an element and its position on the periodic table •Draw models of atoms •Determine if the model is for a neutral atom or an ion 3.Predict how addition or subtraction of a proton, neutron, or electron will change the element, the charge, and the mass of their atom or ion. 4.Define proton, neutron, electron, atom, and ion.
Gaia Fisika, Kimika
Maila High School (BH), Middle School (LH)
Mota Frogapena, Lab, Urrutiko Ikaskuntza
Iraupena 90 minutes
Erantzunak barne Ez
Hizkuntza Ingelesa
Gako-hitzak atomic structure, electron, element, mass, neutron, notation, proton
Simulazioa(k) Atomoa eraiki

Autorea(k) Trish Loeblein, Kathy Perkins
Eskola / Erakundea PhET
Bidaltze-data 12/31/10
Eguneratze-data 4/6/20