Skate Park and Energy Conservation

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Título Skate Park and Energy Conservation
Descripción Students may understand that potential and kinetic energy are traded off on a roller coaster or such thing, but sometimes they can't translate that into a graph. This assignment makes use of predictions of graphs, then the skate park simulation to check understanding of how energy is traded from potential to kinetic, and then to heat. Also there is some critical thinking about how this may take place in environments where gravity is different than on Earth.
Asignatura Física
Nivel Educación secundaria
Tipo Lab
Duración 30 minutos
Respuestas incluidas No
Idioma Inglés
Palabras clave Graphing
Simulacion(es) Pista de patinar "Energía"

Autor(es) Don Cameron
Colegio / Organización University of Denver High School
Enviado 15/10/06
Actualizado 15/10/06