PhET Global Initiatives - Resources

PhET Global

Join us to increase PhET sim access and impact through international collaboration.

PhET offers numerous resources to support educators integrating simulations into their classrooms.

  • Connectivity

    Access PhET sims online or offline using a browser, mobile apps, or desktop app.

  • Accessibility

    Take advantage of inclusive features to improve learning for all students.

  • Translations

    Select PhET simulations from among 97+ languages.

  • Pedagogy

    Learn how to incorporate simulations using effective teaching strategies found in our teacher tips, virtual workshop, and remote learning tips.

  • Dissemination

    (Coming soon) Find social media, presentation, and workshop resources to help others learn how to incorporate PhET sims in their classrooms.

  • Having trouble? Visit the Help Center.

    The help center includes guidelines for getting started, how to run and integrate sims, and troubleshooting tips.