Proving Newton's Second Law

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Titel Proving Newton's Second Law
Beschreibung Structured Inquiry Based Virtual Lab Activity in which students gather data about the net force exerted on an object, its mass and acceleration in various fashions to show the proportionality of each quantity with respect to one another to graphically prove Newton's Second Law using data and graphical analysis.
Thema Mathematik, Physik
Niveau Hochschule - Grundstudium, Sekundarstufe II
Typ Geführte Aktivität, Online Lehre, Praktikum
Dauer 90 Minuten
Antwort enthalten Nein
Sprache Englisch
Stichworte Forces, Graphing, Linearizing, Mathematical Modeling, Proportionality
Simulation(en) Kräfte in einer Dimension

Autoren Jacob Zalkind
Schule / Organisation Cecil County Public School
Eingereicht am 16.02.21
Aktualisiert am 16.02.21