Demonstartion of waves on a string

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Titel Demonstartion of waves on a string
Beschreibung A methodological guide for demonstrating mechanical waves on the example of waves on a string. In Armenian educational environment this is a new type of learning material. Demonstration can provides ample opportunities to observe the physical phenomenon in detail and step-by-step.
Thema Physik
Niveau Sekundarstufe I
Typ Demonstration
Dauer 30 Minuten
Antwort enthalten Nein
Sprache Armenian
Stichworte demonstration, mechanical waves, phet
Simulation(en) Seilwelle

Autoren Gagik Demirjian
Schule / Organisation Gyumri State Pedagogical Institute
Eingereicht am 24.12.13
Aktualisiert am 24.12.13