Molecule Shapes - Guided-Inquiry Activity En gold-star betyder høj kvalitet, undersøgelsesbacerede aktiviteter som følger PhET's retningslinier.

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Tittel Molecule Shapes - Guided-Inquiry Activity
Beskrivelse Learning goals for this Guided-Inquiry Activity include the following. Students will be able to: • Determine electron geometry and molecule geometry for molecules using VSEPR theory. • Explain the role that nonbonding electron pairs play in determining molecule geometry. • Predict bond angles in covalent molecules as well as deviations from idealized bond angles.
Emne Kemi
Niveau Bachelor - intro
Type Guidet aktivitet
Varighed 60 minutter
Svar inkluderet Nej
Sprog Engelsk
Nøgleord 3D drawing, POGIL, bonding, geometry, guided inquiry, lone pairs, molecule, shapes
Simuleringer Molekyleformer (HTML5), Molekyleformer

Forfattere Timothy Herzog, Emily Moore
Skole / organisation PhET
Dato for tilmelding 02-11-14
Dato for opdatering 23-06-15