Beta Decay Investigations En gold-star betyder høj kvalitet, undersøgelsesbacerede aktiviteter som følger PhET's retningslinier.

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Tittel Beta Decay Investigations
Beskrivelse This inquiry lesson could be used in chemistry or physics and is written to follow my activity using Alpha Decay ( Learning Goals: Students will be able to: Describe the process of beta decay; Differentiate between Alpha and Beta decay; Compare the meaning of “Half-life” for Alpha and Beta decay.
Emne Fysik, Kemi
Niveau Bachelor - intro, Gymnasium
Type Koncept spørgsmål, Laboratorie, Lektie
Svar inkluderet Nej
Sprog Engelsk
Nøgleord alpha, beta, decay, inquiry, phet, random
Simuleringer Betahenfald

Forfattere Trish Loeblein
Skole / organisation PhET
Dato for tilmelding 30-04-12
Dato for opdatering 04-07-12