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Název Capacitor Design Remote Lab
Popis This lesson uses PocketLab Notebook software to deliver lessons to students with the simulation embedded. In this lesson, Students will be able to: Identify the variables that affect the capacitance and how each affects the capacitance. Determine the relationships between charge, voltage, and stored energy for a capacitor. Relate the design of the capacitor system to its ability to store energy. Explain how to use a capacitor to light a bulb. Describe what happens as charge drains away from a capacitor into a light bulb
Předmět Fyzika
Úroveň Základní škola II. st.
Typ Domácí úkol, Guided Activity, Lab, Remote Learning
Trvání 60 minuty
Včetně odpovědi Ne
Jazyk English
Klíčová slova battery, capacitor, circuit, electricity, notebook, pocketlab
Simulace Deskový kondenzátor, Laboratoř s kondenzátory (HTML5)

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Vloženo 22.6.21
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