Intro to Waves I: Basics of waves in liquids

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Název Intro to Waves I: Basics of waves in liquids
Popis This is a series of three guided activities which will lead the students to understand the basics of energy transfer of waves. First, students use the Waves PHET/water to discover the relationship between energy applied to amplitude, and relationship between frequency and wavelength. The second one builds on the to look at sound as a kind of longitudinal wave with the same mathematical relationships; they also lay the foundation for a later lesson in interference. Finally they apply the same principles while measuring and discussing the wavelengths of various color of visible light to prepare for the upcoming Light chapter. I adapted Lonny Villalobos' format to meet the needs of distance-learning non-science majors but extended it into three longer activities. These students are often short on math skills so these versions are designed to encourage success in mathematical relationships.
Předmět Fyzika
Úroveň Střední škola, Vysokoškolák - začínající, Základní škola II. st.
Typ Domácí úkol, Propojená aktivita
Trvání 60 minuty
Včetně odpovědi Ano
Jazyk English
Klíčová slova amplitude, frequency, inverse, relationship, waves
Simulace Vlny: úvod (HTML5)

Autor(ři) Don Loving
Škola / Organizace Murray State College
Datum vložení 3.11.19
Datum aktualizace 3.11.19