Energy Skate Park-NGSS aligned HS A gold star indicates high-quality, inquiry-based activities that follow the PhET design guidelines.

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Název Energy Skate Park-NGSS aligned HS
Popis Summer of 2014, a work group was formed to write lessons that align with both PhET design and facilitation principles and Next Generation Science Standards. The work group wrote a design template and some lessons. This particular example has a student handout that is longer than PhET research would say is ideal, but is a good demonstration of the process of aligning both PhET and NGSS. This lesson will undergo review, but it seems worth sharing.
Předmět Fyzika
Úroveň Střední škola
Typ Koncept otázky, Lab
Včetně odpovědi Ne
Jazyk English
Klíčová slova conservation, energy, ngss, phet
Simulace Energetický Skate Park, Skatepark energie: základy (HTML5), Energy Skate Park: Basics, Tření (HTML5), Tření

Autoři PhET NGSS 2014 Workgroup
Kontaktní email
Škola / Organizace PhET
Vloženo 17.11.14
Aktualizováno 27.5.15