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Vector Addition

Vector Addition simulation


  • Вектары
  • Кампаненты вектара
  • Вектар Дабаўленне
  • Equations

Sample Learning Goals

  • Describe a vector in your own words
  • Explain a method to add vectors
  • Compare and contrast the component styles
  • Decompose a vector into components
  • Describe what happens to a vector when it is multiplied by a scalar
  • Arrange vectors graphically to represent vector addition or subtraction

Standards Alignment

Common Core - Math

  • HSN-VM.B.5b

  • HSN-VM.B.5a

  • HSN-VM.B.5

  • HSN-VM.B.4c

  • HSN-VM.B.4b

  • HSN-VM.B.4a

  • HSN-VM.B.4

  • HSN-VM.A.2

  • HSN-VM.A.1

System Requirements


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Version 1.0.2