Elements and Compounds Lesson

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主題 Elements and Compounds Lesson
說明 This lesson is designed for a year 7 class that takes science and under chemistry, they are now looking at elements, compounds and mixtures. In this lesson, the class will focus on elements only. An element is a substance that has a specific type of atom and cannot be broken down further.
科目 化學
程度 高中
類型 實驗室, 展示, 討論提示
時間 60 分鐘
語言 英語
關鍵字 Compounds, Elements, Matter, Molecules
模擬教學 States of Matter: Basics_物質三態:基礎 (HTML5)

作者 Martha Mwiinga
學校 / 機構 Lusaka International Community School
提交日期 2023/1/31
更新日期 2023/1/31