Molecule Design Challenge Pre-Activity

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主題 Molecule Design Challenge Pre-Activity
說明 An Engineering Design Project The Pre-Activity uses the Molecule Shapes: Basics to introduce students to the idea of atoms bonding. Students have just finished a study of electron configuration, quantum numbers, and periodic trends. They are expected to have no prior knowledge of VSEPR Theory or bonding. The Molecule Design Challenge asks students to create a 3D model of a common binary compound using their growing knowledge of bond angles. Students use PhET's Molecule Shapes to "test and evaluate" their original design and to direct their redesign. Then they will use the classroom set of molecular ball-and-stick models to perform a second "test and evaluate" of their design and to direct a final redesign.
科目 其他, 化學
程度 高中
類型 其它, 指引活動
時間 30 分鐘
語言 英語
關鍵字 Electronegativity, Engineering Design, Molecular Geometry, VSEPR Theory
模擬教學 Molecule Shapes_分子形狀 (HTML5), Molecule Shapes: Basics_分子形狀:基礎 (HTML5)

作者 Ashley Webb
學校 / 機構 DeSoto Central High School
提交日期 2018/2/14
更新日期 2018/7/10