Understanding Rates of Reactions

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主題 Understanding Rates of Reactions
說明 In this activity, students start by learning what it takes to have a successful chemical reaction. They investigate how equilibrium is reached, where the equilibrium lies, relate the equilibrium to the potential energy diagram, and manipulate the position of the equilibrium.
科目 化學
程度 中學, 大學 - 簡介, 高中
類型 作業, 實驗室, 指引活動
時間 90 分鐘
語言 英語
關鍵字 activation energy, collision theory, potential energy diagrams, reaction rates, reactions, reversible
模擬教學 Reactions & Rates 化學反應和反應速率

作者 Lauren Petersen
學校 / 機構 Montgomery High School
提交日期 2016/5/31
更新日期 2016/5/31