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主題 What is a Fraction?
說明 In this activity, students explore the meaning of numerator and denominator. Then, they learn about comparing fractions with similar numerators or denominators. Finally, they create their own rule for determining equivalency. This lesson is designed to take place over several days (4 days or longer), and with lots of discussion with peers and teachers.
科目 數學
程度 K-5
類型 其它
語言 英語
關鍵字 comparison, denominator, equivalence, fraction, numerator
模擬教學 Fractions: Intro_分數的介紹 (HTML5), 分數的介紹

作者 Anonymous
聯繫 Email karina.k.hensberry@colorado.edu
學校 / 機構 Fourth Grade Teacher
提交日期 2014/6/10
更新日期 2019/1/30