Inquiry Based Modeling Static Electricity A gold star indicates high-quality, inquiry-based activities that follow the PhET design guidelines.

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主題 Inquiry Based Modeling Static Electricity
說明 This is an activity to be used in conjunction with common static electricity demonstrations which could be part of a remote lesson. A remote lab has been added. Learning Goals: Students will be able to describe and draw models for common static electricity concepts. (transfer of charge, induction, attraction, repulsion, and grounding)
科目 物理
程度 中學, 高中
類型 Remote Learning, 作業, 多選觀念題, 實驗室, 展示
語言 英語
關鍵字 Circuits, Electricity, charge, electron, inquiry, molecule, phet activity, remote
模擬教學 Balloons and Static Electricity_氣球和靜電引力 (HTML5), 氣球和靜電引力, John Travoltage_約翰屈伏塔 (HTML5), John Travoltage

作者 Trish Loeblein
聯繫 Email
學校 / 機構 PhET CU Boulder
提交日期 2005/11/3
更新日期 2020/4/6