Wave Representations (Inquiry Based) A gold star indicates high-quality, inquiry-based activities that follow the PhET design guidelines.

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主題 Wave Representations (Inquiry Based)
說明 The students will use the simulation to learn the goals through an inquiry approach.Learning Goals:Students will be able to think about waves as a function of time, space or space-time and explain why waves might be represented in these different ways.
科目 物理
程度 大學 - 簡介, 高中
類型 實驗室
時間 60 分鐘
語言 英語
關鍵字 Sound, Waves, functions, math, phet activity, sine
模擬教學 Fourier: Making Waves (HTML5), Fourier: Making Waves 傅力葉:與波共舞

作者 Trish Loeblein
聯繫 Email patricia.loeblein@colorado.edu
學校 / 機構 PhET CU Boulder
提交日期 2005/8/11
更新日期 2021/10/13