Circuit Simulator II

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标题 Circuit Simulator II
描述 This is the second of a set of two labs the deals with circuits. In this lab, students solve for the characteristics of a series, parallel and combination circuit with resistances of their choosing. They then check their calculations using this simulator.
科目 物理学
等级 初中, 本科生 - 低年级, 高中
类型 实验室, 家庭作业
持续时间 60 分钟
语言 英语
关键词 Combination Circuits, Parallel Circuits, Series Circuits
仿真程序 电路实验(仅直流)

作者 Jordan Pekor
学校/组织 Plainview-Old Bethpage JFK High School
提交日期 22-10-7
更新日期 22-10-7