Energy Skate Park-NGSS aligned HS 一颗金星 象征着 是通过PhET设计指南所设计出来的高质量的探究活动。

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标题 Energy Skate Park-NGSS aligned HS
描述 Summer of 2014, a work group was formed to write lessons that align with both PhET design and facilitation principles and Next Generation Science Standards. The work group wrote a design template and some lessons. This particular example has a student handout that is longer than PhET research would say is ideal, but is a good demonstration of the process of aligning both PhET and NGSS. This lesson has not been updated for use with the html5 version images or screen hints but could be used.
科目 物理学
等级 高中
类型 实验室
语言 英语
关键词 conservation, energy, ngss, phet
仿真程序 能量滑板竞技场 (HTML5), 能量滑板竞技场, 能量滑板竞技场: 基础 (HTML5), 能量滑板竞技场: 基础, 摩擦力 (HTML5), 摩擦力

作者 PhET NGSS 2014 Workgroup
学校/组织 PhET
提交日期 14-11-17
更新日期 21-2-6