Types of Forces Investigation 一颗金星 象征着 是通过PhET设计指南所设计出来的高质量的探究活动。

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标题 Types of Forces Investigation
描述 Students complete a series of stations to investigate different types of fores: tension, normal and friction. The PhET simulation is used at the Friction station. Minimal materials are needed to conduct this lab and it serves as a great way for students to be introduced to the common forces covered in general physics.
科目 物理学
等级 高中
类型 实验室
持续时间 30 分钟
语言 英语
关键词 forces, friction force, normal force
仿真程序 力和运动

作者 Elyse Zimmer
学校/组织 KIPP Houston Public Schools
提交日期 14-7-21
更新日期 14-7-21