NGSS Simulation Alignment/Correlation

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标题 NGSS Simulation Alignment/Correlation
描述 This is a draft correlation of all PHeT sims that were posted in May, 2014 to the NGSS Performance Expectations (PE's) and or the K-12 Framework for Science Education Disciplinary Core Ideas (DCI's) If your would like to suggest changes or additions, please email me your ideas to [email protected]. Thanks and enjoy!
科目 其他
等级 K-5, 初中, 本科生 - 低年级, 高中
类型 其它, 示范
语言 英语
关键词 Concepts, Core, Crosscutting, Disciplinary, Framework, Ideas, K-12, NGSS, Science
仿真程序 Acid-Base Solutions 酸碱溶液, 原子模型, 浓度, 能量滑板竞技场: 基础, 分数介绍, 直线图形, 温室效应, 自然选择(物竞天择), 板块构造论, 盐类和溶解度

作者 Matthew Huffine
学校/组织 Lewis Center for Educational Research
提交日期 14-5-29
更新日期 15-3-20