Acid-Base Macro Particulate Symbolic 一颗金星 象征着 是通过PhET设计指南所设计出来的高质量的探究活动。

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标题 Acid-Base Macro Particulate Symbolic
描述 This activity could be done as an in class / recitation activity, or as homework. The first page has exploratory and predictive questions, and the second page is a table for students to compare macroscopic observations, particulate representations, symbolic representations, and quantitative measurements -- all using the sim.
科目 化学
等级 本科生 - 低年级, 高中
类型 其它, 家庭作业
持续时间 60 分钟
语言 英语
关键词 acid, base, chemistry, concentration, pH, strength
仿真程序 Acid-Base Solutions 酸碱溶液

作者 Ted Clark
学校/组织 The Ohio State University, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
提交日期 13-3-28
更新日期 13-3-28