Tricky Dimensions – a Spin-off of a Sim

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标题 Tricky Dimensions – a Spin-off of a Sim
描述 Pointing out that lowering the dimension of space from 3D to 2D changes the speed distribution and even more markedly the energy distribution that a simulation calculates for a monatomic ideal gas. The reason is also outlined but not elaborated in detail.
科目 化学, 物理学
等级 本科生 - 高年级, 研究生
类型 其它
语言 英语
关键词 Maxwell distribution, Maxwell-Boltzmann distribution, chi distribution, chi square distribution, dimensions, exponential distribution, ideal gas, kinetic theory
仿真程序 气体性质 (HTML5), 气体属性

作者 Sándor Nagy
学校/组织 ELTE, Kémiai Intézet, Budapest, Hungary
提交日期 11-3-11
更新日期 19-9-9