Reflection and Transmission Interactive Lecture 一颗金星 象征着 是通过PhET设计指南所设计出来的高质量的探究活动。

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标题 Reflection and Transmission Interactive Lecture
描述 These are lecture notes, including many concept questions and interactive lecture demos, for 50 minute lecture on reflection and transmission at a step potential in a sophomore level modern physics course. For more details about the course, please see: Please email [email protected] if you are a teacher and would like a solution key.
持续时间 60 分钟
语言 英语
关键词 Quantum Mechanics, energy, modern physics, phet activity
仿真程序 量子隧道与波包

作者 Sam McKagan, Kathy Perkins, and Carl Wieman
学校/组织 University of Colorado
提交日期 08-3-2
更新日期 11-1-9