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Equality Explorer: Two Variables

Equality Explorer: Two Variables simulation


  • Equations
  • Inequalities
  • System of Equations

Sample Learning Goals

  • Solve and manipulate algebraic equations by substituting different values for a variable
  • Use a balance model to solve an equation for an unknown, and justify your strategies for solving
  • Build a system of equations
  • Determine the solution set of a system of equations

Standards Alignment

Common Core - Math

  • HSA-REI.B.3

  • HSA-REI.A.1

  • HSA-CED.A.3

  • HSA-CED.A.1

  • 8.EE.C.8

  • 8.EE.C.7a

  • 8.EE.C.7

  • 7.EE.B.4

  • 7.EE.B.3

  • 6.EE.B.6

  • 6.EE.B.5

System Requirements


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Version 1.0.13