Ohm's Law

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Titlu Ohm's Law
Descriere Experiment to prove ohm's law using an online simulation. Resistance is set as constant, and values of current are collected to corresponding voltages. (V-I) graph is plotted, and slope=resistance. In addition, there are questions to practice calculation of the third quantity when given two by Ohm's law.
Subiect Physics
Nivel High School, Undergrad - Intro
Tip Guided Activity
Durata 30 minutes
Răspunsuri incluse Yes
Limbă English
Cuvinte cheie Ohm, current, resistance, voltage
Simularea Legea lui Ohm (HTML5)

Autori Nada Kawde
Email u20200185@sharjah.ac.ae
Şcoală / Organizaţie University of Sharjah
Prima transmisie 30.03.2021
Ultima verificare 30.03.2021