MYP Physics: Electric Force vs. Distance

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Titlu MYP Physics: Electric Force vs. Distance
Descriere This task sheet can be used as a formative or summative assessment tailored for MYP physics students focusing on Criteria C: Processing and Evaluating. See also: "MYP Physics: Gravitational force vs. distance"
Subiect Physics
Nivel High School, Middle School
Tip Lab, Other
Durata 90 minutes
Răspunsuri incluse No
Limbă English
Cuvinte cheie Coulomb's Law, Electric field, MYP Physics
Simularea Charges and Fields (HTML5)

Autori Mehmet Salih Gencer
Şcoală / Organizaţie Guangzhou Nanfang International School
Prima transmisie 12.11.2019
Ultima verificare 12.11.2019