Exploring the pH Scale

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Titlul Exploring the pH Scale
Descriere This is a series of guided inquiry activities that were developed around the pH Scale HTML 5 simulation. The first activity introduces students to the pH scale and then has students draw qualitative conclusions between the pH value and hydronium and hydroxide ion concentrations. An emphasis is placed on particulate level diagrams of both acids and bases in this activity. The second activity has students investigate the extremes of the pH scale and what these values mean in relation to hydronium and hydroxide ion concentrations. The last activity introduces students to pH scale calculations and the logarithmic nature of the pH scale. The pOH scale is also introduced and the correlations between pH, pOH, and hydronium and hydroxide ion concentrations are explored quantitatively, Questions similar to Trish Loeblein's clicker questions (found in teacher resources section of site) are utilized in between each activity to reinforce concepts and to solidify student understanding of the concepts. Additional practice can also be assigned as homework between activities to ensure that students master topics before moving on to the next activity.
Disciplina Chimie
Nivel Gimnaziu, Liceu
Tip Activitate dirijată
Durata 120 minute
Răspunsuri incluse Nu
Limba Engleză
Cuvinte cheie acid, base, hydronium ion, hydroxide ion, pH, pOH
Simulare(i) Scara pH (HTML5)

Autor(i) Lyric Portwood
Școală / Organizație South Paulding High School
Data transmiterii 23.11.2015
Data actualizării 23.11.2015