Intro to Circuits

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Título Intro to Circuits
Descrição I used this activity as an introduction to circuits. You would need to show the students how to configure a series and parallel circuit (I'm no good at drawing in my documents). I wanted the kids to get a sense of what is happening inside a circuit as you alter various aspects of a circuit. I provide direction on what to alter (to keep it organized) but the questions are qualitative in nature. I used to do this with batteries and light bulbs but I am hoping the kids get a better sense of what is going on using this method instead. There are two extensions attached but I would not suggest them for the entire class the first day the kids are exposed to circuits. They are more for those students who zip through the activity and need direction while others are still working. This activity should take about one hour.
Assunto Física
Nível Ensino Médio
Tipo Laboratório
Duração 30 min
Respostas Incluídas Não
Idioma Inglês
Palavras-Chave Circuits; Electricity
Simulação(ões) Kit de Construção de Circuito (DC)

Autor(es) Patricia Martinez
Escola / Organização Greeley Central High
Data de publicação 10/05/07
Data de atualização 14/11/08