Bending-Light Worksheet

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Título Bending-Light Worksheet
Descrição When light travels obliquely from one transparent medium into another it gets bent. Ex- The straw appears to break at the surface of the water due to refraction of light. As light passes from air to water, its speed slows down and the light rays are bent. The phenomenon of splitting of white light by a prism into its constituent colours is known as dispersion.
Assunto Física
Nível Ensino Secundário
Tipo Trabalho para Casa
Respostas Incluídas Não
Idioma English
Palavras Chave dispersion, environment, glass slab, lens, prism, speed, wave pattern
Simulações Curvatura da Luz (HTML5)

Autores Madhuri Ganapathi
Escola / Organização IIT Bombay
Submetido 23-11-2017
Atualizado 23-11-2017