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Tittel Concept Questions for Chemistry using PhET
Omtale These are clicker questions that I use in Chemistry with PhET. Many could be used for any grade level. The questions could be used as a framework to modify for specific needs. I update this file as I add questions.
Emne Kjemi
Nivå Student - introduksjon (bachelor), Ungdomsskule, Vidaregåande skule
Type Multiple-Choice Concept Questions
Inneheld svar Nei
Språk English
Nøkkelord chemistry, gas, kmt, phet, reaction, salts, solutions
Simuleringar Acid-Base Solutions, Alfanedbryting, Balancing Chemical Equations, Bygg eit molekyl, Build an Atom, Davisson-Germer: Electron Diffraction, Density, Friction, Gas Properties, Isotopes and Atomic Mass (HTML5), Isotopes and Atomic Mass, Molarity, Molekylpolaritet (HTML5), Molekylpolaritet, Molecule Shapes, pH Scale, Reactants, Products and Leftovers, Reactions & Rates, Salts & Solubility, Aggregattilstandar (HTML5), States of Matter, Aggregattilstandar (HTML5), States of Matter: Basics, Sugar and Salt Solutions

Forfattarar Trish Loeblein
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Skule / Organisasjon PhET
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Oppdatert 26.07.17