Spring Oscillators Activity

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Titel Spring Oscillators Activity
Beschrijving This activity uses a PHET simulation to explore the behavior of oscillating springs. You will experiment with different combinations of springs, masses and other parameters. You can specify the properties of the springs (spring constant, length) by means of sliders. In the “energy” and “lab” modes damping can be added. You can even change gravity, moving the experiment to other planets! The format of this worksheet is that you write your responses on the sheet using a different font color, and incorporate any sketches, tables etc. into the file.
Onderwerp Fysica
Niveau Hoger secundair onderwijs, Undergrad - Intro
Type Geleide Activiteit, Labo, Leren van op afstand.
Duur 120 minuten
Antwoorden inbegrepen Neen
Taal Engels
Sleutelwoorden oscillations, springs
Simulatie(s) Massa’s en veren (HTML5)

Auteur(s) Silas Laycock
School University of Massachusetts Lowell
Datum waarop ingediend 17-4-20
Datum waarop aangepast 17-4-20