Concentration PhET WebLab

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Titel Concentration PhET WebLab
Beschrijving WebLab investigates Molarity(mol/L) of differing substances and helps students understand that saturation occurs at a specific concentration regardless of the amount of solution. Additionally, students revisit mole to mass conversions and plot a graph of mass percent.
Onderwerp Chemie
Niveau Hoger secundair onderwijs
Type Labo
Duur 60 minuten
Antwoorden inbegrepen Ja
Taal Engels
Sleutelwoorden Concentration, Dilution, HTML5, Molarity, Saturation, Solubility, Solutions, pH
Simulatie(s) Concentratie (HTML5)

Auteur(s) Melissa Venable
School SurryCentral High School
Datum waarop ingediend 6-6-16
Datum waarop aangepast 6-6-16