Worlds of Wonder

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Titel Worlds of Wonder
Beschrijving This activity is best done as a classroom activity / lab. It calls for the use of a spreadsheet (such as Excel). It starts out with simple observations and directed student challenges. It ends with a determination of the relationship between orbital radius and orbital speed. Classroom teachers using school email addresses can obtain the answer key. Send your request for "Worlds of Wonder Answer Key" to [email protected].
Onderwerp Fysica, Wiskunde
Niveau Hoger secundair onderwijs, Undergrad - Intro
Type Labo
Duur 60 minuten
Antwoorden inbegrepen Ja
Taal Engels
Sleutelwoorden Conceptual Physics Tech Lab, Phyz, math, newton's cannon, pattern
Simulatie(s) my-solar-system

Auteur(s) Dean Baird, Paul G. Hewitt
School Rio Americano High School
Datum waarop ingediend 22-3-09
Datum waarop aangepast 18-4-22