Projectile Motion - Physics 1 lab experiment

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शिर्षक Projectile Motion - Physics 1 lab experiment
वर्णन This activity is a lab experiment about projectile motion designed for physics 1 remote learning students. It uses PHET projectile motion simulation to give the students the ability to distinguish the relation of the initial speed of the projectile and other physical quantities.
विषय भौतिक्शास्त्र
स्तर पदवीपुर्व - Intro
प्रकार Guided Activity, Remote Learning, प्रयोगशाळा
कालावधी 60 मिनिटस
उत्तरांसह नाही
भाषा इंग्रजी
खुणेचे शब्द kinematics, lab, laboratory, physics, physics 1, physics 1 lab, physics lab, projectile, projectile motion, speed
सादश्य Projectile Motion (HTML5)

लेखक Yazen Mohammad Rihan
शाळा/संस्था University of Sharjah
दाखल दिनांक 9/26/20
आद्यवत 9/26/20