ORGANIC CHEMISTRY Chemical Reactions of Alkanes and Alkenes

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Sernav ORGANIC CHEMISTRY Chemical Reactions of Alkanes and Alkenes
Danasîn This guided activity designed for remote learning explores the concept of balancing chemical equations with the simulation and hands-on activity done at home. Compounds react in simple whole number (mole) ratios. Excess reagents remain in the reaction system so calculations are needed to identify the limiting reagent.
Mijar Kîmya
Ast Dibistana Amadeyî
Cure Guided Activity, Remote Learning
Dem 60 xulek
Bersîvan Dihewîne Erê
Ziman Îngilizî
Peyvên Girîng balanced equations, chemical formula, excess reagent, limiting reagent, the Law of the Conservation of Mass and Energy
Şêwekar Reactants, Products and Leftovers (HTML5)

Nivîskar Elaine Williams
Dibistan / Organîzasyon Montego Bay High School
Şandin 11/14/21
Rojanekirin 11/14/21