Virtual Interactive Activity: Skate Park

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Sernav Virtual Interactive Activity: Skate Park
Danasîn This virtual activity allows students to play with PhET's Energy Skate Park simulation and then answer questions that they can use the simulation to answer. The activity allows students to enter codes along the way. PhET's Friction Simulation is also briefly used as an introduction to friction before
Mijar Fîzîk
Ast Dibistana Nîvendî
Cure Guided Activity, Remote Learning, Spartek
Dem 60 xulek
Bersîvan Dihewîne Na
Ziman Îngilizî
Peyvên Girîng conservation of energy, kinetic energy, potential energy, skate park
Şêwekar Energy Skate Park (HTML5), Friction (HTML5)

Nivîskar Suzanne Sprague
E-peyama Peywendiyê
Dibistan / Organîzasyon Virtual Science Teachers
Şandin 4/13/21
Rojanekirin 4/13/21