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題名 It is not a change... it is a crisis
内容 It is not a change... it is a crisis, it is a worksheet that calls for awareness of the current climate crisis. How do human activities affect the environment? How can we change our footprint on the balance of nature? Through reflection on the effects of high and low temperatures and their impact on our lives as a result of greenhouse gases, it leads us to reflect and change our current lifestyle. Welcome.
課題 化学, 地球科学, 物理学, 生物学
レベル 中学校, 学部課程 - 基礎, 高等学校
タイプ Discussion Prompts, Guided Activity, Multiple-Choice Concept Questions, Remote Learning, 実験教室, 宿題
所要時間 120 分
解答を含む いいえ
言語 英語
キーワード conservation, conservation, crisis, crisis, ecological balance, ecological balance, greenhouse gas, greenhouse gases, greenhouse gases
シミュレーション 温室効果 (HTML5)

著者 Jesus Eduardo Villamizar Rincon
学校 / 団体 Liceo Nacional Andres Bello
送信日 23/07/05
更新日 23/12/11