Discovering Acids and Bases

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題名 Discovering Acids and Bases
内容 This investigation prompts students to predict, experiment and discover acids and bases using the simulation's virtual pH scale. Students are asked to predict which substances in the simulation are acids and bases, and test their hypotheses by measuring each substance's pH level. Students will compare acids and bases in order to determine characteristics that may deem a substance either an acid or a base. Children develop meaning to key terms, and apply their knowledge acquired from their data to an extension activity that explores dilution and its effect on pH levels.
課題 化学, 物理学
レベル 小学校
タイプ Guided Activity
所要時間 60 分
解答を含む いいえ
言語 英語
キーワード acid, base, neutral, pH level, pH scale
シミュレーション pHの測定: ベーシック (HTML5)

著者 Jacalyn Fiechter
学校 / 団体 Hunter College
送信日 18/04/04
更新日 18/04/04