Molecule Shapes - Guided-Inquiry Activity A gold star indicates high-quality, inquiry-based activities that follow the PhET design guidelines.

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題名 Molecule Shapes - Guided-Inquiry Activity
内容 Learning goals for this Guided-Inquiry Activity include the following. Students will be able to: • Determine electron geometry and molecule geometry for molecules using VSEPR theory. • Explain the role that nonbonding electron pairs play in determining molecule geometry. • Predict bond angles in covalent molecules as well as deviations from idealized bond angles.
課題 化学
レベル 学部課程 - 基礎
タイプ Guided Activity
所要時間 60 分
解答を含む いいえ
言語 英語
キーワード 3D drawing, POGIL, bonding, geometry, guided inquiry, lone pairs, molecule, shapes
シミュレーション 分子の形 (HTML5), 分子の形

著者 Timothy Herzog, Emily Moore
学校 / 団体 PhET
送信日 14/11/02
更新日 15/06/23